Protect children against illicit use, production
and drug trafficking is not an option for States
  having ratified the UN Convention on
children's rights.

It is'an obligation.
Shooting rooms, are neither useful  nor desirable.
Since May 2010, the drug activists called for injection rooms creation in France.
These rooms are "neither useful nor desirable" in France, because in any country they have shown their effectiveneiss.

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Parents Contre la Drogue is member:


& make a difference
We have many young consumers to stop and support the families affected by addictionous.
Here is the result of the ideology of the Minister of Health.   Drug use is increasing among high school students:  
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Injecting rooms landed in Paris and Strasbourg in the first quarter 2016

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The number of serious incidents in colleges and public high schools has been stable during the school year 2014/15, but the use of drugs is increasing among students.

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Drug tests      

It is proved that among the thousands persons who use drugs, party of enter them teenagers are.

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