Who has the most influence on your child's life and future ?
It's you, parents!

How to prevent Drug use.

If you are wondering how to prevent drug problems for your children, the answer is parent involvement. One's involvement in parent is the key to preventing drug abuse. Parents play the most important role in determining how children handle the temptations to use alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

Why focus on parents?

Prevention in schools is essential, but they are not sufficient.Often, the prevention starts talking about the problem drugs use only from the high school years. Yet, the problem drug use often begins earlier than the high school years.


Remember that parents have more influence over their child than friends, music, TV, the Internet and celebrities.

Help your children to protect itself from drugs by:

Talking and listening regularly.

Being directly involved in your child’s everyday world.


Making it clear that you do not want him or her using drugs or drinking.

  Setting limits.



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