Point of view:

The very name of our association expresses our non-ambiguity attitude that imposes itself, to tell it so, over the politician’s doubts in the present debate in regards to an efficient policy in drug addiction matter. All other taken measures on this subject won’t be efficient and won’t safeguard the health of our youth and the general population if they don’t lay over an informed knowledge of drugs and drug addiction.


The use of drugs isn’t a "natural" phase in a life’s person. It‘s attached to accurate factors. That’s why we can prevent and treat drug addicts all over their disease stages. The use of narcotics isn’t anymore an "entertainment". It’s a anomaly of development harmful to individuals and to the whole society.


Drug addiction prevention – for being more effective – has to have for objective narcotics non-use. Primary prevention lies over the drug proscription.


The creation of  shooting rooms or the distribution of heroin that some assert, is the sign of a resignation, a capitulation in front of the problem of drug-addiction. These measurements result in maintaining the drug addicts in the dependence.


Early detection and took in charge of individuals in danger, in one hand, and drug addicts therapy in other the hand, are measures more humans, more effectives and more economic than keeping these drug addicts in dependency, sickness, disability, distress and criminality.


Drug addicts are unhappy, their health is in danger and they have lost their free will. That’s why they need help under the form of therapy towards abstinence and social reinsertion. Sympathy consists in doesn’t abandon them but to help them to come out the drug addiction and find all over again their place in society.


The individual freedom finishes the moment when it invades and troubles the other’s and creates an atmosphere of bad living.


Equality is also everyone’s right to live as they wish, as long as his choices or attitudes don’t carry danger to himself or to the others.


Fraternity consists in giving assistance and support for its next so that it lives better. It is also to help it to preserve or restore its dignity of man. That obviously concerns also to drug addicted population, population in danger, often marginal.


We are opposed to all that tends to promote narcotics legalisation.


Us support people, associations and organizations which, in France and abroad, fights resolutely against drug since they act in the respect of the principles of freedom, of tolerance and is opposed to any form sectarianism.


In this respect, each citizen has a role to play to protect the young people against drug and to thus preserve their futures.






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