Anne’s testimony


This week in Metz, a mother of 34 and her 4-year-old kid were killed at an AVP. There are three other casualties. The person in detention, a 19-years-old man, excessive speed, negative level of alcohol in the blood!!! Totally incredible, but yeah, I forgot the essential: THC search, positive.


When we bury our deaths, others smoke the peace calumet.

You know, Serge, I’m ashamed of being French!

To see our child die, is to die with him very slowly and at an indescribable suffering (and finish by dying).


A dissuading campaign has been done in England to reduce the number of traffic accidents and its consequently number of deaths, by broadcasting a very hard advertising spot that showed what first-aid workers found at the scene of the traffic accident: the torn bodies and the teddy bear of the ten year old kid, covered with blood… I myself saw this type of scene. I worked several years with the SAMU and I can tell you that some interventions were very bloody. So why doesn’t show to this young drivers, shoot to die, these crash photos and tell them: « look what you could have done or what you have done, the body at the bottom of the ravine is your mother, your brother or your friend. It’s necessary to electroshock them before they do the irreparable, if they are a little bit responsible.


Why do we wait the abscess to grow before burst it? We know that it will grow. And seeing everybody just discussing is only a waste of time!


Here is my shout; I’m very worried about our youth. And, in conclusion, long live the "shit"! It’s beautiful our France.



Sylvie's testimony


Good morning, at the beginning of January2008, my son has fallen in this "fucking white powder" …. Teenage…. He has started with spliff and today, at nearly 20 years old, he use, sadly, other substances….. Since a few months he is treated by Subutex but the problem is that he doesn’t follow his treatment properly…. And even without that, he is often too lazy to go every 15 days to his appointment for the renew of his prescription…. So being major, it is not my role to go to pick up his prescription at the doctor and anyway, the doctor which to see the patient before any prescription, which is completely normal…


Not hiding his situation, he should be, in a short time, go back in jail, because he had 8 months   of    sentence   have   been   dismissed….   I  whish,  for  him, that he could be followed, (treatment) at the house of correction…


In every case, every day is very difficult to manage…. Because, of course, we don’t give him money to buy this crap so he steal, sadly, to be able to have this crap, we live in hell because he doesn’t have any scruple even with us, his parents….; My hand bag is locked with the one of my husband in the bedroom, and the things that could be sold, like digital camera…. He have no courage to make his prove and regarding going to work even 20 hours a week, he doesn’t have the courage…. He prefers easy money (sad) addicted since a year, like I told you, but since 2006, in fact, we struggle between a place at the CEF and the imprisonment…. In total, 3, and the most longer incarceration was 5 months….


The next one shouldn’t be too long, because of the dismissed…. 8 months…


A short time ago, I have been able to get an HDT (hospitalization for the request of a third person) but after 5 days of isolation,, my son escaped from the CHU by the fence, so the doctor, with the agreement of the director, has taken the decision to hold on the request by phone, but the told me that if my son whished to come back from himself, it will be with pleasure that they will receive him again…. But my son doesn’t want to hear anything about hospitalization…..


There are some days which I don’t have anymore courage….. What to do???Anyway, I think that the dismissed will help him a little bit but sadly, even in house of incarceration, this fucking crap is still there.


I hope that one day, it will have a "flash"  and that he will be able to get out of this shit before it’s too late.


I precise, he sniff, but doesn’t do intravenous injection, well, I don’t think so, heroine and cocaine, to my knowledge and a few "bangs", I think that the way to spell it.


That’s it, I will have a lot more to tell, I will send another comment in a few days, it’s important to keep hoping, and I have my life as well, because at the end, this junkies, sadly, destroy themselves slowly but they destroy there families as well...


Life is not a quiet river……


A lot of courage for all the parents in the same situation as us, courage, courage.





Carole's testimony




Preamble: it is because I am afraid, it is because I love the people who live around you and suffer for you; it is because I believe in you, it is because I have faith in you, it is because you deserve nothing but the fate that you intended you today; it is because you do not have the right to spoil everything, it is because you do not have the right to let you go at ease when you know fight; in short it is because I love you that I write these words hanging in my head and my heart tearing pain...




No need for words
need anyone to understand ...
Just a belated look on your face, and the expression of your eyes betray you,
Just time to listen to your state of mind to understand that you lose the ...
It betrays you!
She stares at you, you dirty it!
I cursed! ...
She bel air with its "beautiful" illusions!
"Come to me little clueless! I lead you into a world Cool! A little paradise! just a few puffs, and OUF, this is it! ..."

Not to mention all those rotten bigwigs who wallow in luxury by exploiting poor farmers in developing countries to produce this poison.
Poison the body, poison the soul ...
The buying this shit, or even the fact of the produce yourself, that you endorse the rotten system!
Grosse anger, disgust big, want to shake you wake up to the Spirit!
Tell me you do not feel like it, tell me that you want to fight you on the real course of life!
I want to talk about you with admiration as I did before!
One day in a restaurant, I’ll be proud of my confessed godson, remember? ...
I do not want to believe that you were there indifferent.
It makes you believe that with it you are strong, that through it you hold the truth!
The truth is that it ruins everything!
Do not pass next to YOU! !
Not lying! Look at you in the face

I beg you...
You are able to do many things!
Do not ask us to endorse this shit that makes you a stranger
Do not ask us to pretend that everything was normal!
Where is my beautiful savior?
Do not you fed illusions!
Life will prove to you if you make the effort to give it a chance.
... "What is a seal from time to time?"
If that were the case, I do not will feel the need to tell you all!
I too want to regain the shine in your eyes, the light of reason, love of life and the urge to bite your teeth! THE FRIC? ...
BATS TOI and you shall have! !
You who thirsted to help the victims, now it is you who is one !!
The problem is that only you can rescue you! !
SEB my back us!
We love you
Your godmother who wishes to YOU ... and not that it makes you ...
Good luck to all those who fight against this filth.



Sabrina's testimony


I am still here

4 a.m and always the same, trying to work out how guilty I am for what has become of 27 year old son, cocaïne addict, whatever else addict, into rave parties and everything that goes with it...

I raise his 6 year old daughter that it does not assume at all.


It would be too long to explain about his massive overdraft and why it doesn't bother the bank too much: they think I'm "rich", I run my own business and he's my son, so there you go...
I've backed him too much
Too much hope
Too many illusions thinking he'd get out of it
Too many "you bitch" and "fuck off"
Too much litter thrown at my face
And now I even suspect him to beat up his girlfriend
If anyone's ever lived this nightmare, do you know what truth there is about it?
I'm erasing these past ten years when I've tried everything and much more




Valerie’s testimony


I’m a family mother (3 children), I’m 31 years old, I started smoking cannabis at the age of 17, as I met my first boyfriend with whom I got my three children.


At first I smoked one joint every night to sleep well and feel good. A little later, my nightly joint wasn’t enough to feel the effects, so I started smoking two every night. Months later, I smoked one joint at waking up and later another one, at the afternoon; I finished smoking four joints daily.


When we take cannabis every day, we notice that doesn’t give us anymore the same effect than the beginning, we don’t joke anymore, we don’t speak much and we don’t sleep anymore.


I smoked cannabis for fifteen years, not for pleasure but for need, as the years went by, I shoot myself in and I felt worse and worse. Cannabis didn’t relax me anymore, I was nervous and I couldn’t concentrate in anything. Cannabis didn’t help me at all in my every day life. As I quit cannabis and took a course of nurse, I noticed that my neurons didn’t work normally anymore (memory problems, lack of concentration, etc).


I testimony to make young people take conscious that smoke gives pleasure at first moment but a long term it becomes a habit, a dependence, and over all it destroys the personality.


Thanks to Parents Contre la Drogue Association for his help.



Good day, here's my reaction as a user’s father


Jean-Luc D.


I’m just a father like others, that took a « big slap » when he know that his son took drugs (that doesn’t happen to us!!!) but, contrary to the actual political-election-media speech, I decided to make myself not only a confronted parent, but a concerned decided parent.


As a parent, I tend to stand up against the discourse held by certain associations self-called professionals that want to makes us believe that cannabis replaces from now on, in our schools, the 10am break.


...I’m myself the father of a child that smoked cannabis during several years and I can assure you that’s at the cost of long months of work with parents and instructors that he took conscious for himself that there was a psychological problem to solve that was the origin of his bad habit. Meanwhile, three years of hell, scholar absence, permanent aggressive; all kinds of ways to get his "matos", etc… and a real difficulty to leave a real dependence (have you seen a young boy, lied down on his bed, eyes wide open, not being able to sleep without his joint? I don’t wish you this experience).


So when this happens, you will find yourself in trouble (I repeat, in trouble, to parents who read this testimony because I’m not ashamed of being it). You try to "follow the instructions" from the "authorized" organisms and you will contact associations in charge of prevention or even the 113 (drugs information service). There, they will tell you that under ten joints a day it’s ok, they will send you several flyers over every drug, as they say, intended to prevent the abuse, but in reality are little user’s guides, pretending that we can control their dependence easily!


So, as a parent, what can you answer to your children when he asks for your help to get out of drugs?


It isn’t perfectly scandalous to read that drugs are translated in every parent’s anguish?


Isn’t the only objective of a consistent drug control politic to prevent the use and development of drug addiction?


...As a parent, I’m more than amazed by the new discourse of MILDT’s President, who seems to approve the actions of the former President, Mrs. MAESTRACI, and developed under Mr. KOUCHNER’s regime.


The reality is other. The increase of drug demand, started several years ago, and its even earlier initiation (CM2 Class!) shows, if it is necessary, the latent failure of the politic taken by the former MILDT President, under the direction of Bernard Kouchner who intended to prevent drugs abuse with his famous slogan "know more to risk less!" interpreted in real life as "know more to consume more believing to risk less!"


So I denounce these hypocrite actions called "of prevention" and some politicians that make our children believe that drugs can be taken without real risk and it’s a society phenomenon against which nothing can be done. That has one only effect: to comfort the regular user’s attitude, encourage the occasional user recidivism and instigate the non-user’s first step into drugs.


To start, our role as parents is to make our children aware of the danger, to alert and dissuade those who doesn’t consume already, to develop their critic spirit and help them to find their own arguments to say NO to a drug offer when it arrives. Our children are victim of a fine but effective way of manipulation. to us show them the chicane.


Our role as parents is, once our child decides to quit drugs, to help him to solve the problems that led him to them (and also accept that maybe we could of been a cause) and to receive him unconditionally with all our love.


Our role as parents is certainly not to accept those discourses that pretend to trivialize and depenalize drugs self-called "soft".


I want to look into my son’s eyes and give him a need to find real joy, not the senseless bitter taste of living in an artificial paradise.


Sincerely yours



Testimony of a Magistrate, received by fax the 14th April 2003


February 21st, 2003. 10:25 am

We, ........................


Make appear before us the person here quoted who declared :




I’m a heroin user since August 1990. At first, I took it occasionally. I used to look for it as I looked for my “shit”. In 2000 I became a real addict. At that moment I took only one gram daily but the heroin was very good in that moment. That’s why I take less. I also take methadone, 100 milligrams per day. I don’t have a prescription. I’ve never been supervised by a doctor, except when I was in cure, from April to August 2000 at Rennes. That went ok, I even used to practice sports. But when I came back I found the wrong person and fall into it again.




Question: You say you take methadone without prescription, where do you find it?


Answer: At the black market. I look for it all over; it's sold at 5 to 10 euros a bottle. I always find people that sell it. Sometimes I exchange it with heroin because the effects of methadone are longer.


Question to the other person arrested at the same time.


Who is this seller and what does he sells ?


Answer: Mainly heroin and a little bit of cocaine. He says he goes to the Netherlands every 45 days.
It’s all I can say, I can’t tell you his name.
I’m afraid of reprisals to my family..........................................................

I’ve been followed by the Doctor for 4 years..........................................
I try to get out, I take SUBUTEX 0,8mg but yet I take heroin. I don’t get cured. As to him, he told me he quitted methadone. I know however ............that he doesn’t respect anymore his treatment and we share, occasionally, a dose of heroin.
I don’t have anything to add


For obvious reasons we have omitted some questions and answers.

Florence : The pride of getting out

"My history is the one of a young girl that, at the age of 17, wanted to discover new experiences, including drugs..."

I didn’t know anything about life, yet I though I knew it all.
I was gifted for studies   and  now, at the distance, I know that a big part of it was my salvation!
Now it’s  been  a year  since  I don’t take anything, at the beginning I smoked joints, later I took the others: ecstasy, coke, mushrooms and speed!
Degeneration is a fact that takes us fast, very fast!!

I’m not proud of it, not at all. That said, I got out...
Now I make all I can to live a “normal” life, I didn’t see the danger...
I was only 17 when I smoked for the first time, I was between friends and with all I’ve heard about cannabis, I didn’t think it was bad. That was my worst mistake: why, you might say?
I started dragging around with those who took hard drugs...
At the beginning I didn’t want to know anything about it, but one night at a club, I finally tasted.

That I can’t hide it, I was the ecstasy, I loved everybody and everybody loved me!!!
That was the starting point: I got out all weekends just to join “my world”, I wanted to discover new things like the speed and mushrooms.
Know that with drugs we are never satisfied, on the contrary, we always want more so we take new products.

Six months later I was taking cocaine!!! And as I said: “cocaine is my chocolate!!!”
Now at the distance I realize how naïf, yes naïf I was thinking that was real life...
All for saying that hell is at our door and nobody is safe, because I myself said: “drug is disgusting”
My only one chance to get out was in me and nobody but me, but I needed a strong will.
After that, it comes the day when even you can’t see yourself in the mirror without noticing this toxic expression and this frightening thinness that shows you that you’re indeed descending to hell.
I always knew I had lots of potential and I told myself that I had to left it all or I’ll become crazy.

Quitting isn’t easy but after lived real joy moments we say ourselves that even the worst suffering has its fruits.
I didn’t follow any treatment, only my patience and courage because, as I said, it’s important to never forget one thing: the one who decides to stop has to do it for himself, for his own decision, otherwise relapse will follow.

Many of my friends, those still inside, ask me how to do it because I even stop smoking joints!
My answer is short: "There must be dreams and life objectives" because for nothing in the world I’d like to spoil my


I was what they call a “clubber”, always there, at the coolest parties.
Now more than ever I still party, because house is my one true music, but I have to tell you, now I party better than before: I’m hungry the next day, I sleep like a baby and above all, I remember

Now when I’m out partying and I see this youth all junked, believe me, being healthy in mind makes us notice that we are not beautiful when we’ve puff!! Besides I couldn’t help myself laughing at their crazy To sum all up mimics.  

I’ll just say that drugs disgust me now and even more they frighten me out. And that’s even better because only when you feel the fear is when you can’t wait to get out of it...

I’d even like to create an association to help young people to better understand why we take drugs and how to find in ourselves the force and courage to say no!!!

It’s been said that life is short but you have know that misery can also seems really long...
Now I can say that at 19 years old I take fully advantage of life. Without forgetting that I’m on the way and we can make it, even if we get a little bit away from the path

Drug is an explosive that will burn your head at any moment, and will make you slave..

Greetings to well understandings!


Serge still thank you and congratulations for what you do ...



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