Present situation

Drug addiction increased considerably during the last years and has become a political and economical bet.

The efforts made in sight of its liberation had undermined the anti drug consensus that existed before in the population and had also lowered the resistance towards the narcotics.



Narcotics are dangerous substances that attack our body and personality. They take men’s freedom and destroy families.


The drug addiction isn’t just a "life phase" that will naturally disappear without consequences. Drugs are psychoactive substances; they carry a strong dependency, obstruct our capability of leading a healthy happy life and unfortunately let us only see a fatal end.


Narcotic abuse is spreading out like an epidemic. We see, especially in teenagers, a phenomenon of psychosocial contagion.


The lack of information about narcotic’s harmfulness, even about the simplicity to get them, takes us to trivialization. The result, abuse and drug abusers increase.


Drug abusers have to be taken in charge and receive therapeutic help towards the abstinence that includes physical detoxification, psychological help and society reinsertion.



1. For ethical, social and medical reasons, all taken measures to fight drug addiction have to look forward the abstinence and a society free of drugs.


2. We are against to all drug legalization requests.


3. The populations – specially the young ones – have the right of being well informed about the use effects over health, family and society. It’s really important that the information about narcotic harmfulness is objective and adapted to everybody’s age. M.I.L.D.T prevention campaigns have to diffuse objective information. We are against to presentations inclined to minimize drug dangers.


4. The following factors are essential to protect our youth from drugs: family emotional support, drug free friends, school achievement, professional perspectives, positive values and life targets. All of that contributes to strengthen children and teenager’s personality and take them to tell no to the drug. Family has to be recognized and reinforced, even by the authorities, because it is the most important pillar in primary prevention.


5. To support prevention measures and lower narcotic’s offer, it is necessary to forbid the last one. That will allow us to make an early approach to youth in danger and inform them about the risk where they are.


6. All citizenship has the right to see their family, social and professional life protected from accidents, violence and other narcotic’s negative consequences. It is necessary to chase drug dealers and don’t allow people to get drugs at workplace. Also, it is convenient to stop all formation about «open places». Children and teenagers have the right to grow at an environment protected from drug contact.


7. All addicts and people in danger, have the right of assistance and therapy towards abstinence. Indeed, abstinence is the only effective way to get out from this bad step. Therapy can be tried at any time and have to teach drug addict, from the start, to live without drugs or substitutes.


8. We are against to all narcotic supply to addicts, even in the case of “therapeutic measures” or “scientific assays”. These substances are very dangerous because they prolong and consolidate the dependency and reduce to oblivion all chances to live in abstinence.


9. All prevention and therapeutic measures have always to rest over scientific basis. Investigation has to answer to ethic and scientific rules set all over the world.


10. We support all international conventions and agreements that look for sanctions and punishments to narcotrafic. We are hostiles to all attempts towards making flexible the principles here presented.


11. We are engaged to thwart all misinformation released by the media, trending to trivialize the use of drugs, and to deliver a blow to physic and psychological integrity of our children.


12. We support all associations, federations and other institutions or people approving this statement.


13. We support individual rights and freedom as far as they don’t threaten society’s stability, health and well being.




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