Here is the result of the ideology of the Minister of Health

New blow for the French health system. The experiment of shooting galleries, the Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, prefers to call "shelters and support to risk reduction for drug users" is scheduled in Paris (near the Lariboisière hospital) and Strasbourg in the first quarter 2016, while another will open in Bordeaux during the year, according to a parliamentary report made public. Inside these rooms, addicts can bring and inject drugs, "under the supervision of a team consisting of health professionals." a first step towards decriminalizing drug use, as the left has always defended. Yet critics are many, last year, the National Council of the Medical Association said it was "dangerous" the shoot rooms, "we accept the injection of an illegal product and the message is blurred for younger generations ". "Can the doctor be both witness and somewhere accomplice of a patient who injects before his eyes an illegal drug?"

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You think that they will stop there !


Of course that not, they will also claim heroin distribution, then of cocaine etc.

Until where they will go?

As long as they will not obtain what they want, i.e. "drugs legalization", they will continue.

All this thanks to the money of the taxpayer.




I refuse injecting rooms in France and trivialization of drugs
that wants to impose an associative lobby.   

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    What is the message ?
Selling drugs is prohibited. Buy drugs is prohibited. Injecting drugs is prohibited. But we will help you do it?
Say NO to shooting rooms.
  How they tried to manipulate you.  
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    The French do not want to shooting rooms.

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